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Innogen Capital is a Venture Capital Firm specializing in early-stage technology companies operating within the northern regions of Latin America, which include countries like Colombia, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean . This geographic focus allows Innogen to tap into the vibrant tech ecosystems emerging in these areas.

Investment Thesis: Innogen Capital operates with a well-defined investment thesis. Particularly interested in companies that harness high-impact technologies. These technologies are not only transformative but also have the potential to scale exponentially across various industries and geographies. This focus reflects their commitment to supporting businesses with the capacity to drive substantial change and growth.

Entrepreneurial Vision: Innogen Capital is on the lookout for entrepreneurs who possess a clear vision for innovative and disruptive business models. This vision often entails thinking outside the box and challenging conventional approaches to problem-solving. Such visionary leaders are seen as catalysts for change and progress in their respective industries.

Supportive Approach: Innogen's approach extends beyond just providing capital. Aim to actively support and nurture the companies in our portfolio. This support comes in various forms, including experience, knowledge, and contacts. Innogen leverages its extensive professional network to help these early-stage companies overcome challenges, make strategic decisions, and expand their reach. This hands-on approach reflects their dedication to propelling their portfolio companies to the next level of growth and success.

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Introducing Our New Fund: Delta Fund

Leveraging catalytic funding from USAID, Innogen Capital and Impact Hub San Salvador are proud to introduce Delta Fund. This initiative is geared towards mobilizing private investment in El Salvador and the Northern Triangle region, with a specific focus on nurturing startups dedicated to addressing crucial challenges for the base of the pyramid.

With an emphasis on best practices in areas such as bookkeeping, legal compliance, capital management, accounting, and regional commercial networks, Delta Fund I aims to drive transformative change and empower entrepreneurship in the region.

Financial Inclusion, Healthcare, Retail and Logistics, Proptech & Agtech

Companies based in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador are eligible to apply.

We consider investments in startups ranging from the pre-seed stage through Series A.

Initial investments are from $25K to $1M.

We are looking for founders and teams with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a clear vision for their startup, a commitment to addressing local challenges, and the capacity to execute their business plans effectively. Additionally, a track record of innovation, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the target market will be highly valued attributes.

Yes, the Delta Fund is complemented by the Delta Accelerator program, offered by Impact Hub. You can find more information about the accelerator here: https://sansalvador.impacthub.net/delta-accelerator

We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially joining forces to drive positive change in the Northern Triangle.

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  • Mexico and Colombia, with opportunistic investments across Latin America
  • ARR > $300,000 USD
  • Pre Series A & Post Revenue
  • Product Market Fit
  • Solid Units Economics
  • A prepared and passionate founder’s team

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  • El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras
  • Pre-Seed To Pre-Serie A
  • Product Market Fit
  • Solid Units Economics
  • A prepared and passionate founder’s team

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